Japanese / Chinese / Mixed Martial Arts Club located on the
Isle of Sheppey in Kent.


WELCOME to the Jo’Li Martial Arts web site. We hope that you enjoy visiting our site and that it is informative. However, if you find that you still have questions after your visit, please feel free to contact us at jolimartialarts@hotmail.co.uk or phone us on 07900 562967.

Jo’Li Martial Arts is a modern, friendly Martial Arts and Fitness organization consisting of our Head Office and full time gym in Railway Road, Sheerness and seven satellite clubs in the surrounding area.
The classes at Jo’Li Martial Arts range from Karate, Adults and Kids Mixed Martial Arts, Weapons, Fitness Kickboxing, Circuit Training and more. Private tuition is also available upon request.

Since being founded in 2002 by Andy Carter, Jo’Li Martial Arts has endeavoured to both follow and guide students on the path to personal and martial self-awareness and fulfilment. You are encouraged to take the opportunity to not only better yourself physically but also mentally.

As a potential new student, you are encouraged to visit a class, to watch and to talk with instructors and students and decide if Jo’Li Martial Arts provides what you are looking for. Jo’Li Martial Arts is both non-political and professional and is open to all who wish to train.

Jo’Li Martial Arts offers many opportunities for those that wish to take their training further. These include Local, National and International competitions including semi contact, full contact and MMA. We can provide a path to those who wish to gain qualifications in First Aid, Coaching, Instructing and more.

Jo’Li Martial Arts has a great friendship with KIXX Martial Arts, a full time gym and martial arts centre based in Maidstone, Kent and in Gloustershire, whose continued support is greatly appreciated and their knowledge invaluable. The KIXX / Jo’Li collaboration has been a breath of fresh air in the Martial Arts community since its inception, offering an open minded and professional approach to its students. (Please see our links page for the KIXX Martial Arts website).